Found a Cave @ Calera Valley

Just south of the parking lot where Moonrakers is, is a small dog park and hiking area. While walking bentley I found this cool CAVE!!! I'm not particularly sure what the name of the trail is, but it's a fun and easy one. Definitely check it out next time your're in the Pacifica CA.

In light of exploration. I'm sorry I won't tell you exactly where I found the cave, but if you scale the sea wall a bit. I'm sure you'll run into it. Here is a photo taken from within the cave of my homie Kris. I can imagine a ton of creative photography type things you can do here. Especially when the light is just right. Enjoy.

Bentey_Calera Valley - Pacifica Beach- Hoang M Nguyen


I watched their documentary last night (see previous post) and wanted to learn more about the duo. So I listened to their latest episode "Creating." I especially love @ 16 min 20 sec. They compare the creative process to the tourettic person along the subway and bus line. The person is yelling to themselves and/or to a wall. We've all seen this. Yes, this person is creating a ton of content. Yes, this person is gaining a ton of attention, but is that worthwhile content? Is the content fruitful? Is he/she creating something meaningful, and for the better good of the world.  


One thing I've been trying to be conscious about is my spending habits. Buy when I need and not what I want. Yes, I impulsively buy shoes and camera gear quite often. Like I said. I'm trying!!!! I'm hoping to draw inspiration from this documentary. I haven't seen it yet, but I'm excited to watch this when I get home tonight. Give it a look. 


Christmas came early this year. Little brother came back from Portland with a surprise. Placed this box on my lap and said " Merry Christmas" The original 350 Turtle-dove's are still my favorite design. Since I have those already. I'm stoked to receive these. WHOOO!


marvelled By The Sea

37.2552° N, 122.3830° W //

Trip Itinerary : 
a. California Coast Route 1
b. Pescadero CA
c. Harley Goat Farm

d. Pigeon Point Light House

At the peninsula walking up to the edge of the cliff, I marvel at the boundless ocean below my feet. Being here makes me feel small, I feel insignificant and powerless. In retrospect, the ocean is just water, and water can be soft and delicate like raindrops. It can be immense and treacherous like a tsunami. It is often harmless, sometimes deadly, but always alluring. We drink it, bathe in it, sail it, and conquer it.  I don't feel minuscule after all. 

 Photo taken from the west side of Pigeon Point Light House. Copyright Hoang M Nguyen - Hobo.Life
 Harley Goat Farm. Hobo.Life

Kanye @ SAP Pre Crazy

Excuse the blurry Iphone photos but I've got to say, Kanye floating above everyone is a bit pretentious don't you think? Who does he think he is? God? 

I think the stage and light design is sick though. I don't care what none of you think! I've been trying to go see Kanye for awhile now. I failed three years ago at SF Outside Lands. Just couldn't make it. Second attempt was in Chicago for his Yeezus tour. Missed that one too cause of equipment failure. This last attempt he didn't even perform. The guy came on stage and ranted the whole time, this was one show before he checked himself into the hospital and declared metal illness... What are your thoughts on this?


Here is the full rant:


A buddy of mine shared this Gary Vaynerchuk video with me. If you don't know Gary. Please get to know him. If you do. You know he's inspirational as fuck. 

This resonates deeply to me:

 "Your country is not the variable of your hustle my friend. Your hustle, your work ethics, your drive. Is not predicated on your zip code. " 

My "RED" Passport by Yves Behar

Every since I started shooting in 4k I've been eating up hard drive space quickly. How do some of you store your data? Do you use a server? A large leave-at-home drive? I guess you can never have enough hard drives  huh. I recently maxed out my portable drive, and decided to pick up this new Western Digital My Passport design by Fuse Project. I obviously bought it for it's color. Red is on brand. More interestingly though - Fuse's redesign plays with the concept of tension, the increase dichotomy between users private and public. Personally the refresh reminds me a bit of the Jawbone family. Which shouldn't come as a surprise, Yves Behar is also responsible for that. 




If you haven't noticed by now design is a subjective trade. Similar to our taste in music. You and I are unique because we're individually influenced, and we classify good design differently. So how can we identify if our design is good? Cause what's good to you, may not be as seductive to me. Kanye West said a line that resonates here. "For me, first of all, dopeness is what I like the most." Kanye's dopeness is loaded with personal introspection. Again, it's subjective. If I may dissect, he's tying all of his personal experiences, idea of taste, visual appeal and constructive criticism to articulate something intuitively dope to him. Keyword, himself. Simply saying dope may be misleading to the untrained eye. Because what's dope to him, may not be dope to you. If we formulate dopeness, it means 3 things:  aesthetics, crafted intention, and unwavering confidence. Good design is the sum of all three.


Own a look like Picasso owns Cubism and stick to it. Be consistent in applying the look. If you're working with a family of things, define a common style to tie them all together. It's best practice to choose a look that fits your project, and retain it all the way through. I'm not asking you to stick to one style for the rest of your career. Just stick to one style for the rest of your project. Visually it'll be perceived as aesthetic confidence. You'll thank me later. In the industry we call this Design Language. In the long term try other design languages. The best designers adapt different styles over time.


Good design is not just good looking objects. Having a beautiful object but a weak idea, is like building a skyline with shit foundation. It's a tall tale with a weak plot. Eventually it folds into itself. You'll be surprise how far a strong and deliberate idea goes. Seth Godin said it best "No one is asking you to be that person who invent something that never exist before." I believe the best designers identify a problem space, finds the solutions that already exist, and bring them together. For example camera phones. At some point in history it became cumbersome to lug around a film camera, and rolls, and rolls of film. At a one-point someone saw the opportunity to combine the camera with a memory card, and inspired a shift in camera technology. Cameras became smaller, thinner, and lighter. Small enough that at another point it became cumbersome to lug around a digital camera and a cell phone. Someone saw the opportunity to combine the digital camera and cellphone, and inspired a shift in smartphone technology. We're not asking you to design something that never exist before. Truthfully we are curators of the present, we identify the problems we live with today, we orchestrate and combine solutions that already exist, therefore we design for the future. This is how you build strong ideas. Qualify it with real world science, the more realistic the science the stronger the idea. 


Lastly be your number one fan. Like Kanye, loves Kanye. Be proud of what you produce, and don't produce anything you're not proud of. Unfortunately there is lots of vanity in being a designer.  Yes, be humble but also be bad-ass. You have a to command a level of respect for your designs. Companies hire you for your subjective opinions. Have confident in your work, because If you're unsure so will your cleint and audience.


"See the importance of intuition to visionaries— and how they must use it carefully. Learn how courage is the element that separates visionaries from mere dreamers, how visionaries are willing to get out and fight for their dreams. See how emotional intelligence is part of the visionary makeup, how visionaries must have the chemistry and charisma to attract supporters for their dreams, building allies and networks so that the dreams will thrive. And then there is LUCK."

--Erik Calonius