Yay! In just a few days my photo has gained more than 200k views. Thas pretty rad since I use them so often for work. Where do you go for royalty free photos ? (Check em out unsplash)


Nat Video Ad

Fucked around and filmed and edit this feature video for a brand I’ve been working with. I was trying to capture their brand experience in a short 10 second clip. 

Currently In Mexico 📍

Queretaro, Mexico to be exact. If you’re close come say hi, Anh and I are here until the end of September.  


Seafrog Water-housing

Channeling my inner Clark Little as I made this purchase. I hope I will make good use out of this water housing. Any surf photographers reading this ? Email me some links, books or blogs I should follow to learn more about shooting surf.  


Obligatory Smoke Grenade Photo

Every photographer experiments with smoke grenades at least once. I thought this shot was dope. If you plan to try this, make sure there is no wind, even small amounts makes it hard to control where you want the smoke to be. 


How’s everyone doing today? We all practice good physical health regimens. But, how is your mental health? Mental health is and has affected people around me. Please take care of yourself. I’m here for you.


Shout outs to my buddy Rob for capturing these. One of my goals for this year is to hit an aerial. Will I be able to do it? Probably not, but we’ll see, the years not over yet. 


I Got A New Camera

Just picked up the Sony A6500. Which lens should I pick up first? I got it because I wanted to get serious about surf photography, but mainly wanted to up my video quality. Don't get me wrong, I love the convenience the GoPro provides, I'm just tired of the same focal length in my videos. I can't wait to shoot more with the A6500. Here's a quick moody video of Bentley sunbathing. I shot it at 120fps, using the Sigma Mc-11 Adapter and the 16-35mm Canon L Glass. Enjoy.

If you don’t know about Amazon Warehouse Deals check it out. Just search keyword “amazon warehouse.” There I picked up what was an 1,100 dollar camera for 850, due to damaged packaging. The camera came brand new. I def recommend it. 


Monsters In The Pond

I’m out in Boston to see family this weekend and caught a couple of pond monsters. Fun fact, my moms side of the family lives out here. We’re usually out east around this time of year. They’ve got a huge pond in their backyard, it feels more like a lake to me though. I love the weather during the summer months, I love how cheap lobsters are and how easy it is to catch a damn Sun fish! If you know me, I can’t catch a fish even if my life depended on it.  Honestly, I feel like the same thirsty fish keeps coming back, it’s probably cause it knows I’ll release it. 

P.S I caught a lobster. 

P.P.S Name these fish?  


Use iOS “Live Photo” to Make Quick GIF’s

Personally, I really like adding gifs to my gallery. It helps break up the viewing experience and adds a dynamic layer to things. Recently I found out you can quickly make gifs off of the stock iPhone camera app. Here’s how :

1. Turn on the live photo feature. It looks a target symbol. Shown here in yellow. 


2. Snap a Photo, not video. Make sure you capture a couple. There’s a 2 second window for how the phone processes the gif. 

3. Navigate to your gallery. Find the photo you like. Swipe up to access the “Live Photo” editor. Choose between : loop, bounce and long exposure. Play with the options to see what you like. 

4. At this point you can share the Live Photo with other iOS users. But to post on the internet or to share with android users you’ll have to email the photo to yourself. By doing so the phone converts the photo into a gif.  thats all. Enjoy. 

4. At this point you can share the Live Photo with other iOS users. But to post on the internet or to share with android users you’ll have to email the photo to yourself. By doing so the phone converts the photo into a gif.  thats all. Enjoy. 


National Donut Day Challenge

So we're designing donuts for our fourth design challenge over at Creative Session. In light of National Donut Day we're challenging the community to design anything your heart desires, the only requirement is you have to use the donut shape ( torus ) as baseline. Have fun and don't forget to tag #DoingDonutsWithCS when you post on social media.