On Design

You’re not tasked to develop something that never exists before. It’s a common misconception that we magically create something from nothing. Good design is when you’re mindful of the past, dream of the future, and carefully blend the two to communicate a clear and simple idea. When done successfully. It is misconceived as magic.

Bentley Drawings for Inktober

Shoot me ideas. I’m drawing 31 days of Bentley. So far I’ve got : 

1. Robo-Bent 2. NaturalBent 3. Lucha-Bent Libre 4. Origami-bent 5. Balloon-bent 6. Skele-Bent 



Yes, I’m four days late. But better late than never. Show me what ya’ll are sketching around this time on IG.



Yay! In just a few days my photo has gained more than 200k views. Thas pretty rad since I use them so often for work. Where do you go for royalty free photos ? (Check em out unsplash)


Nat Video Ad

Fucked around and filmed and edit this feature video for a brand I’ve been working with. I was trying to capture their brand experience in a short 10 second clip. 

Currently In Mexico 📍

Queretaro, Mexico to be exact. If you’re close come say hi, Anh and I are here until the end of September.  


Seafrog Water-housing

Channeling my inner Clark Little as I made this purchase. I hope I will make good use out of this water housing. Any surf photographers reading this ? Email me some links, books or blogs I should follow to learn more about shooting surf.  


Obligatory Smoke Grenade Photo

Every photographer experiments with smoke grenades at least once. I thought this shot was dope. If you plan to try this, make sure there is no wind, even small amounts makes it hard to control where you want the smoke to be. 


How’s everyone doing today? We all practice good physical health regimens. But, how is your mental health? Mental health is and has affected people around me. Please take care of yourself. I’m here for you.