Highway 101 Adventures (cont.)

I'm happy to report that I'm back from Portland. Alive and well. The drive up & down the 101 was grand. I recommend it to anyone. To be honest I prefer the 101 vs I5 North.

During college my brother and I often drove home for the holidays. We mainly took I-5 North because it's the quickest route home. Looking back I wish we considered alternate routes like the 101 or the 1. We had so much free time then, than we have now. I regret not taking full advantage of luxury school breaks provided. I'll just blame it on us being poor college students. I'm glad I've done it, and can't wait to share with you more photos/videos of the trip. 

The photos should make it pretty easy to determine where I am here. If not search the coordinates 42.9500° N, 122.1000° W to find out.  Here's a hint, this place is the fifth oldest national park in the United States. It is near the California, Oregon border. It is the only national park in Oregon.