Life After Death by Terry Dang

We were both born in '87, four months apart, so for four months I lived without you. We are Cousins, you are like a brother. Of those four months we were blips, atoms, too young to understand the concept of separation. We've done everything together since, from our first steps, to our first drink, and the first Marlboro. Whether good or frowned upon we experienced it together. When you left in May, I felt how real the concept of separation is. A large part of me withered away that day, leaving me to only feel robbed of those memories, as if my childhood, our childhood never existed.

It is a bit odd, how life has now come full circle. I'm back at square one, but instead of four blank months I'm facing a whole lifetime without you. It is extremely challenging and very painful, but it took your death for me to realize how much you can really love a person. We all have our own reasons why we don't express our emotions more often. Personally, with you, I wish i did more...

"Live good, keep those that matter close, love often, and love hard." - Hoang Nguyen

Huy, here's to your first birthday without you, I LOVE YOU. #takeashotforwee.