Bodie Ghost Town

38.2141° N, 119.0046° W //

Trip Itinerary :  
a. Bridgeport Ca. (4 hours from SF)
b. Bodie CA. 
c. Bodie Historic Park (Bodie Ghost Town)

Halloween is just around the corner. Have you decided on what you'll be this year? I have an idea but you'll have to wait to see.

In light of the upcoming holiday. Have fun decorating, costume hunting, and visiting your favorite haunted house. If you're feeling really adventurous. Take a 4 hour drive to Bodie Ghost Town. East of San Francisco. 

What used to be a flourishing gold mining town, now a deserted historical park. It's population was 10,000 people at it's peak. But, after the gold rush most families left leaving their things behind. Today you can see eerie artifacts from the past still hanging around on tables and benches. I think this is a piece of history worth seeing. Check it out.

remnants of mining equipment left behind at Bodin Ghost Town.
Church of Bodin Ghost Town.
Detail of decay houses in Bodin Ghost Town
Lonely house standing alone in Bodin Ghost Town. Copyright
A few scattered homes left in Bodin Ghost Town. Copyright
The cars left behind at Bodin. Copyright Hobo.Life
Hoang M Nguyen Bodin Ghost Town
Anna Lee SoHee At Bodin Ghost Town
hoang carrying bentley aka #yungbent. copyright