In design, new styles and processes help me move past designers block. If you're like me, being blocked is unproductive to the process, it's super frustrating, and I hate it. What helps me get past creative blocks is trying new styles. Learn other designers thinking habits and design techniques really help. It's like those WWJD bracelets. A reminder to ask yourself "what would Jesus do?" In our case replace Jesus with your favorite designer. 

I've been learning new camera techniques. What's good about this is, I'm getting more aquanted with shutter speeds, ISOs, and aperture settings (the exposure triangle.) Like any craft I believe you just got to put in the practice hours to be good. Thus far I've tried my luck at astrophotography. Today I dabble with Panning. It's funny - for a long time I called it "motion blur photos." I prefer "Panning." It's much more elegant. Panning is a technique for photographing moving objects. From what I understand, it's matching the cameras shutter speed with your subject, pan your camera in the direction of motion, have locked and steady arms, be trigger happy and shoot continuos burst. I haven't gotten the formula right yet, but here are my favorites from today's shoot. 

Panning photograph of hoang m nguyen on bonneville triumph . copyright
Niroshan speeding by the Alameda Plane Hanger. Photo
Niroshan speeding by the Alameda Boat Dock.