My First Half Marathon

I’ve been training for a month now, which is cutting it too close for comfort. Generally you need to start training 3 months ahead, beginning with 3 mile runs, building up to 10 then tapering back to 3 a couple days before the race. I didn’t follow this regimen but surprisingly clocked in some good stats (to me.) 10 miles at a 8:10 pace. Some days as fast as 3 miles at 7:27 pace. 

Stupidly, I didn’t read race details nor did I consider the name “Montara Mountian.” I’ve been training on flat road the whole time when in actuality I needed to train uphill, incline , dirt roads and trails. My advice for anyone planning to run a half is- see if you can get a hold of the route early on and try to run the route at least once before race day. 

I’m happy to report back. I’ve finished the half and feeling happy and healthy. I’ll probaly keep running because it’s a meditative space. In practicing good health, I’ve learned its a solitary sport and I love it. It’s a time to focus on myself and compartmentalize the ideas in my head. 

Ps. I started my watch late. Its actually 13 miles not 12. 
PPs. I know the photo is glitchy. I dig it tho.