Tomales Bay can act as a wind tunnel in the afternoon as NW wind concentrate between the two ridges. There were moments it felt like we were on natures treadmill going nowhere. I recommend going super early to avoid tough paddling conditions. Dog friendly. Would do again, but catch real fish this time.  

CHASING THE MILKY WAY in big sur CAlifornia

35.970° N, 121.451° W //

Trip Itinerary :  
a. CA Highway 1 South
b. Big Sur, California
c. Cabrillo Highway 1 
d. Prewitt Ridge Road

I've been fascinated by astrophotography for like ever. I thought I needed an expensive camera to be able to do it, so I never tried to learn. Turns out Its quite simple, you can basically use your iPhone if you wanted to. Download the app Slow Shutter for long exposures, and Photo Pills for all your galactic data. Grab a tripod and you're set. I wont' get into any details on how to-- Because Lonely Speck is a great resource if you're interested in learning. Check em out. 

Here are some photos taken with my Panasonic Lumix G7 w/ the 12-35mm f2.8 lens. Taken during sunset, and 4am when the milky way was at it's highest point. Enjoy !

The beautiful Sunset at Prewitt ridge in Big Sur California. Copyright Hobo.Life
Hoang M Nguyen Camping Big Sur Prewitt Ridge Sunset with Frankie
Henry Wu looking for cell service in Prewitt Ridge in Big Sur California. 
Hoang M Nguyen and Bentley viewing sunset at prewitt ridge big sur california

Shout out to my homie Henry Wu for capturing Bentley and I gazing into the sunset. Check him out on IG. P.S congrats on winning the Alite Photo Contest. 

hobo life night astrophotography of tent hoang m nguyen
hobo life night astrophotography of tent hoang m nguyen
hobo life night astrophotography of red tent hoang m nguyen
astrophotography hoang m nguyen hobo life tent photo