Inauguration of HO°BO°

I feel it's appropriate to start blog post # 1 with a song. It's not a opening ceremony without music and balloons. Truthfully, I stole the "H" while at a wedding last weekend, and to tie the song together . . . well, maybe it's about how much Bentley & the Bonneville loves me better. HAHA

There's something wildly appealing about looking back a year from now, and giggling at the music I was into.  Beyond It's comedic value, music is one way I track memories. I don't know about you, but I feel like I have an incredibly limited brain, either I'm thinking too hard, and burning up too many brain cells, or have banged my head one too many times. Whatever the reason, I'm treating this site as Hoang's journal and not a Creative Session thing. 

As a kid I've always been into motorcycles. I owned two others and a scooter before I bought the Bonneville.  My biggest regret is that I didn't document any of the other bikes. No adventure photos,  customization photos, or riding videos - nothing. With the Bonneville I want to capture everything and share it here.  Hopefully, I don't get rid of the bike anytime soon, because HoBo would be very short lived. 

I'll be sharing more on the Bonneville in a few days. But for now enjoy the balloon in the wild on this inauguration day.