Biltwell Bubble Shield. An Astronaught Artifact

I have a problem. I think I'm obsess with the Biltwell Bubble Shield. I own the chrome, orange, and now red option. The bubble shield and the gringo helmet combo looks so futuristic to me. What do you think? I feel like I'm space traveling with it on. Zooming though California highways on my triumph. It looks like an artifact straight out of the movie "The Martian."

A new accessory for my Biltwell Gringo Helmet. The red bubble shield by biltwell. Hobo.Life
Biltwell Gringo White w/ Biltwell Red bubble Shield Hobo Review

Astronaut Dreams

I really like the Gringo w/ the amber bubble shield combination. Its the closes I'll get as far as astronaut dreams go. From here on out, all my space travelling aspirations will, and shall be contained in this beautiful helmet. To space travelling everyone...