Manfrotto D1 for DJI Phantom

If you're in the market for a drone bag, that is innovative and has plenty of extra room for other gear. Look no further. ( I can go without the red piping though.)

So I just scooped this new bag. Note, it's strictly designed for the Phantom 3 and below. People have said the Phantom 4 does not fit in these. I can be wrong. Anyone want to lend me their 4. I'll test it out. All other drones like, the 3dr Solo will not fit either. 

The bag costed 199. I bought mine up from Amazon here, or you can find it on Manfrotto's site here. 

The reason why I bought this bag over any of the other bags on the market is:
1. Most importantly. Holds the drone and the Remote.
2. Holds my laptop. 
3. Has an upper compartment to hold my camera gear. Lumix G7, 2 Lens, 1 GoPro and some mounts. It holds alot. BUT VERY BIG.

Here is my favorite part about the bag. The access panel in the front has three clips inside, to hold the drone with its propeller assembled.. This is super useful when you're shooting on location moving from one point to another, and don't want to disassemble the drone. Very innovative Manfrotto.