A Secret camping spot

We found a secret camping spot in Northern California. Its so backcountry. 

Martin, Niroshan and I packed our bikes and rode out early Saturday. We rode south of San Francisco in hopes of scoring a walk-in camp spot. Unfortunately Saturday isn't the best day to try our luck. If you're planning to camp without reservations, come super early Friday for walk-in site. Most campgrounds have 1 or 2 space reserved for this. If you can't make Friday, save yourself the trouble and not go.

Having no available space didn't stop us. We've ridden far. The sun blazing hot. Everyone hungry, and all determine to camp. We made it work. Unfortunately I'm not able to share where this was. It defeats the purpose of going out and exploring with your friends. But, I'll share with you photos and videos of our trip. 

P.S Evident Riders Club is a joke around us trying to catch each others motorcycle mistakes all weekend. I think it might stick. 

Exploring California with Niroshan Amarasiriwardena, Martin Gschwandtl, Hoang M Nguyen of Hobo Life
Hoang of Hobo life riding his bonneville through the back country of nor cal.
Martin Gschwandtl, and Hoang M Nguyen riding motorcycles  in california back country.
Niroshan Amarasiriwardena riding his Honda CB in the back country california
.Hoang M Nguyen enjoying the california country side exploring hobo life
Niroshan posing with honda cb in front of california outback
Niroshan looking into the dried landscape of northern california.
Hoang M Nguyen blocking the sun for the camera.
Martin taking a break from riding under the heat.
Martin on his Husqvarna looking into the distance in the dried outback of California.
Our hobo life meal out in california back country.
Reading Jack Cheng's These Days book
Starting out hobo life campfire Niroshi and Martin gathers around fire
The campfire of our trip true hobos