The links are multiple items, not single pieces. I don't think they sell these things separate. You'll definitely have excess parts.  So plan to make your best friend one too. 

Part List :
1 x DACHMA 1.2 Quick Release
10 ft of Paracord
1 x OP/TECH USA 1301062 Uni-Loop (Note this loop is for larger cameras.There are options for smaller body cameras.) 

Step One:  Cut 10 ft of paracord. Find the center of the cord and fold in half. You should have about 5 ft to work with on each side. Make sure the cord lines up, and evenly distributed. Insert the folded end into the Uni-Loop  and tie a larks head knot. Similar to the photo below.

Step Two:  Once the uni-loop is secure. Slide your fingers from the larks head knot down 8 inches. Mark this spot. Insert quick release clip to the marked spot, and tie a simple knot. See photo below for

Step Three:  Now start cobra braiding until you're happy with the length.  For mine I braided nearly the whole length, and left about 1.5 inch. Peep the gif below for how to cobra braid. Remember to alternate sides so you don't end up with weird lumps like i did. Once you're happy. Clip the quick release to finish the loop. Trim the extra cord and burn the ends. THATS IT!