An Inquiry Into Values

So I have started reading Pirsig's book, Zen & The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. From what I understand, it's not about motorcycle maintenance. So if you are looking to fix your motor-bike, do not buy this book.  It's about the values and principles the protagonist brings up through his trips and maintenance. If you have read this book, let me know what your thoughts are. I'll share my thoughts when I'm finished.

I'm now 17 pages in and I'm having a random train of thought. Take it however you like, I wrote this note immediately after exiting Cal-Train. Here is the copy & paste from my notes:

"We think about the things we have in common w/others all the time. Whether friends or lovers, we bond because we can relate: "He loves art like me," or "She enjoys music just as much as I do." This is the substance that makes us friends, enemies & lovers. Thinking deeper. What we have in common can also be in conflict. You and I both love design, but we appreciate different design practices; we love music, but like different genres. To think about it in this way, there is much more depth to life. We rationalize for love, and when we don't love anymore, we rationalize to not love. It's all a state of mind."