The best camera is the one with you

A few of you folks have asked about the images in the photo section, and why are they soooo amaaaazzinnggg. I mean If you've got a keen eye like ya' boy, give me any camera and the results will be just as dope. 

I usually don't reveal these type industry secrets, but I'm gonna put you on my camera game. Because I want to travel light, I'd like to keep my camera quiver pretty lean, this way I can stay nimble and not stress out about lugging around too many things. 

They say the best camera is the one you have with you. So by default the Iphone is my first shooter. The Fujifilm X100S fixed 23mm f2 is second in line. Last up the GoPro Hero 4. I'm not gonna review these camera cause there are plenty of in depth reviews out there. Just thought I'd share what I'm shooting with.