Kanye @ SAP Pre Crazy

Excuse the blurry Iphone photos but I've got to say, Kanye floating above everyone is a bit pretentious don't you think? Who does he think he is? God? 

I think the stage and light design is sick though. I don't care what none of you think! I've been trying to go see Kanye for awhile now. I failed three years ago at SF Outside Lands. Just couldn't make it. Second attempt was in Chicago for his Yeezus tour. Missed that one too cause of equipment failure. This last attempt he didn't even perform. The guy came on stage and ranted the whole time, this was one show before he checked himself into the hospital and declared metal illness... What are your thoughts on this?


Here is the full rant:

Red October in November

This Thanks Giving comes with many blessings. I'm thankful to be alive, that my family and friends are all happy and well. That my brother and I started working together officially on paper. Shout outs to Playground, its been such a fun time and for allowing us to stay creative. 

Today I'm super thankful for my brother in law Terry Dang aka TDangerous. I dont care what anyone of you guys say, I'm still voting for Yeezy in 20/20. Anyways look what landed on my lap this lovely autumn day. Yup! red October in November isn't that late. Better late than never.  Happy Thanks Giving YALLLL.


Yeezy Taught Me

I've tried hard enough to get a hold of some Kanye's each time Nike or Adidas drops a pair. I want them so badly that I've considering buying from a reseller at a ridiculous price. I haven't done it yet, but I'll let you know when I do. For now I picked up some NIKEID Roshe's in the Yeezy dark color-way. Check them out, they're my poor man's yeezy no. 2, first ones are these Adidas.