A Smooth Sea Never Made A Skilled Mariner

I thought to myself while chumming the water with everything I ate this morning, bless my parents for escaping Vietnam on a boat much smaller than this. You’ve earned a new level of respect. Seasickness is no joke.

Two days before this. I took Dramamine, I bought CBD oil, I even got a seasickness inhaler to help with motion sickness. Nothing worked. I threw up at least four times at varied durations. I was even lucky enough to throw up while reeling up fish. I swore I would never charter a boat again the last time this happened. Yet I’m out here again. 


A Philippine Minute

You probably can tell by now that I love travelling to coastal places. Anywhere with a beach and decent surf I’m there. The ocean is such a common theme in my videos that It’s starting to feel the same. How many time can you film the ocean before its just redundant. Not this trip though. This was my first time, hopefully not the last time swimming with whale sharks. It got pretty sketchy out there. There were moments where I had to dodge two whales trying not to be mistaken as food. I’d definitely do it again.

My First Half Marathon

I’ve been training for a month now, which is cutting it too close for comfort. Generally you need to start training 3 months ahead, beginning with 3 mile runs, building up to 10 then tapering back to 3 a couple days before the race. I didn’t follow this regimen but surprisingly clocked in some good stats (to me.) 10 miles at a 8:10 pace. Some days as fast as 3 miles at 7:27 pace. 

Stupidly, I didn’t read race details nor did I consider the name “Montara Mountian.” I’ve been training on flat road the whole time when in actuality I needed to train uphill, incline , dirt roads and trails. My advice for anyone planning to run a half is- see if you can get a hold of the route early on and try to run the route at least once before race day. 

I’m happy to report back. I’ve finished the half and feeling happy and healthy. I’ll probaly keep running because it’s a meditative space. In practicing good health, I’ve learned its a solitary sport and I love it. It’s a time to focus on myself and compartmentalize the ideas in my head. 

Ps. I started my watch late. Its actually 13 miles not 12. 
PPs. I know the photo is glitchy. I dig it tho.


APP: Rough Animator

Here’s a fun animation app for the iPad. It’ll set you back 4.99 but it’s perfect for anyone on-the-go looking to quickly knock out animations. Here’s a quick one I did of bentley and another more refined version. Check it out. 


I'm starting a new design show called "DUI"

I started DUI because I can’t bear hearing another designer talk through their process without being inebriated. I’m only kidding, I started DUI because I thought to my self, wouldn’t it be cool to drink and talk design with one of my favorite designers Naoto Fukasawa. I would totally film that session and share it with the world. Could you imagine your favorite designer intoxicated talking design? This would be so entertaining and inspiring all at once. What started as a stupid idea has spun into fruition. I’m actually going to pursue this, Its unlikely I’ll reach Fukasawa at first, but maybe in a couple of years if I play my cards right.

DUI, Design Under the Influence, will be an interview-style show about the design process. I want to invite designers (engineers, creators) to talk about their influences...while designing under the influence. The show is for aspiring creatives looking to learn the craft and wisdom from professionals. I think it’ll be a fun source of inspiration, because I believe learning from others helps your creative development and productivity.

I’m going to try to post new episodes monthly on YOUTUBE . Depending how my liver handles the first couple episodes.

Below are some process photos of work-in-progress for the show.



I’m pretty happy with the cadence of my grind so everything’s staying the same this year. I’ve got a few exciting projects in the pipeline and can’t wait to show ya’ll.

This new year I opted outside. Me and 10 other friends went camping, hiking, surfing, atv’ing. Lots of cooking and laughter. I’m totally content and blessed to be surrounded by love and light. Happy New Years everyone.


Noel & Christie

There's a first for everything. This was my first time being a part of a bridal party and filming it at the same time. Honored to be a part of your special day Noel and Christie. Enjoy the cut.

On Design

You’re not tasked to develop something that never exists before. It’s a common misconception that we magically create something from nothing. Good design is when you’re mindful of the past, dream of the future, and carefully blend the two to communicate a clear and simple idea. When done successfully. It is misconceived as magic.