Grand Closing, Grand Opening

If you're not familiar with Stefan Sagmeister, he is a New York-based graphic designer, and one of my faves. The image above is taken from his show - "The Happy Show."

I find this image entirely relevant to me today as I leave my role at Matter and on to new opportunities. The same familiar entrance I walk through everyday, has become an exit to new adventures. I am nervous, excited, and sad, all at the same time. I'm sad to leave the friends and relationships I've built. I'm excited for the things they'll do without my crazy-ass around, and the projects coming in. I'm nervous of the challenges and learnings that await me with Andy Ruben at Playground.

I believe anything we do is not worthy of doing if it doesn't scare you a bit. Yes, I am nervous about Playground. I'm nervous because of the uncertainty of not knowing what to expect. I'm nervous because I will be surrounded by people as genius as Andy, who have a track record of success. I'm nervous because they trust my design insights and outlook. I almost feel unworthy of this opportunity - but then again,  I have never been more prepared in my life than right now. It's one of those moments where you feel blissfully ready. I'm at the right place and this the right time.  I trust my intellect, I trust my design sensibility, and I am confident, thanks to my experiences at Amazon, Matter, and Creative Session.  My track record is concrete and I'm excited to share it with Playground. 

On a more introspective note, the image above reminds me of the whole "glass is half empty & half full" quote. It's a very bittersweet feeling at the moment, and I feel great about it all. Good things are coming.