Good Weather, Good People

The joy of writing on this blog is that it's my personal thing, and I cannot give a fuck!! Unlike Creative Session, I can touch on topics beyond design, and be more intimate about my life and thoughts.  Really, HOBO is meant to be an excuse for me to get out of the house and away from the computer. To be in good company and enjoy nature because I work too much. #naturesdistractions

Let me begin by apologizing for the fact that I'm ten blog posts deep and still haven't taken a proper HOBO trip. I had imagined it was as easy as strapping Bentley into a baby carriage and riding my motorcycle out to some awesome location. Film the whole experience, then make an adventure video. That was the romanticized version of HOBO. In reality I'm ill-prepared. I don't have proper equipment and I foolishly modified my Bonneville (not expecting HOBO to happen) into a more racing stance bike. Sorry guys, give me sometime to reconfigure. 

Bent and I joined some friends to camp and swim out east last weekend. The sun was blazing and the water, refreshing. I made a short video of us swimming in the lake. I realized if I modify the formula for my HOBO trips, that any blog posting that includes either me, Bentley or the motorcycle is still a valid HOBO trip. I'm opening my self up to variety.  I added the coordinates to where we were, lets see if you can figure it out.