Portability is Key

I'm constantly quoting Chase Jarvis. He says "The best camera, is the one that's always with you." Its True. I take more photos using my iPhone than my micro 4/3. This is why I rarely carry my fancy camera anymore. I wish I did, and I should because It takes amazing photos. But, the convenience of a phone, the built in apps, and these Joby tripods make for an ultra portable, and killer combo.  

The Joby Grip Tight, Micro Tripod, and Mini Gorilla Pod pictured above can be found on Amazon. Each costing below 15 dollars, and fit in your pockets. Making them a no brain-er purchase. 

"Buy the Gorilla Pod over the Micro Tripod." 

I couldn't help myself so I bought both. I'm sorry, the red accents got me. After two weeks of use. It's safe to say. "Buy the Gorilla Pod over the Micro Tripod." The Gorilla Pod is way more versatile. It has magnets in its feet. Allowing you to get more creative with your shots. It contorts into complex positions, where as the micro tripod only sits low and pivots at it's mounting point.

Currently I used both tripod to grab filler time-lapse footage. They're both small and compact, so easy to whip out, and travel with. My main goal are to reduce hand held vibrations, and a clear steady shot. Trust me it makes a world of difference in post editing. If you don't already have a portable tripod for your phone. COP IT NOW.

Lastly. Here's a fun time-lapse using the Gorilla Pod placed over a cooler. 


Now this is something else. Ever since I saw photos taken with a GoPro dome accessory. I knew I needed it in my life. I ordered mine off Ebay, it comes with the waterproof housing built on. I intended to have it for Puerto Vallarta, but it didn't arrive in time.  If you're planning to a vacation and need this ASAP. This took a month to arrive. So order yours early, as it is coming from China and will take forever!  

Note: The dome adds distances between the camera lens and the water. By offsetting the water against the dome, you achieve this nice split between whats under water and above.

As I can't wait to use the dome in Hawaii this May. For now enjoy the photos taken at the pool on the roof of the Standard Hotel

Took the WIDE out

I've been meaning to do a more detailed analysis of the Moment lens kit but haven't had the time to. I took the wide lens out camping with my brother and friends last weekend. But due to too much fun I gave up photographing anything. The weather was just too nice and hot to sit around and get into the science of comparing iphone w/ lens vs non lens output. I promise ill get around to it soon. 

For now here are a few shots my buddy Sean & I manage to take using the wide lens. Notice the vignetting around the corners. Ive made the image black and white so you can see it easier, its subtle but still there. In full color it's less distracting.

MomentLensLakeDelValle_3 anna.png