Highway 101 Adventures

If you've been following I recently left Matter and will be starting at Playground soon. Before starting I took some time off to reset, visit family & friends in Portland, and explore Highway 101. It's crazy to think that I've grown up in the Northwest and have yet to drive either up or down the 101. I figured this is the perfect time for this. 

I left San Francisco pretty late so the chances of snapping awesome photos were slim. I figure I'd snap some on my way back to the Bay. Good news is my friend Anna Lee joined me for the ride up. She's an awesome co-pilot, provided good conversation and music. We drove through the night to meet up with my best friend  Ethan Vu at his coastal house. Search these coordinates 44.8436° N, -124.0496° W to see where we ended up. 

One thing to note. Although the drive up was dark I could still make out the silhouettes of massive redwood trees lining the road like skyscrapers. I can only imagine what they're like during the day. I can't wait to take photos on the way back.

Unfortunately I didn't take any photos of Ethan's beach house. But, I'm posting the photos I did manage to squeeze in.  Enjoy them. 

101fuji _ LincolnCity_HoboLife_Fogarty_008.png