38.9616° N, 120.1015° W | Rubicon Trail Tahoe

Trip Itinerary :  
a. Highway 50 - South Lake Tahoe
b. Highway 89- Emerald Bay Parking Lot

The thing about nature is I'm surrounded by all of it'g glory while hiking. Its acoustics, flavors and visuals are stimulating. I get the same feeling while riding, Its reason I love the open road. On a motorcycle my senses are heighten. You're aware of smells and sounds you generally tune out. If only for a minute, or an hour, Its all worth it. 

Here is a short clip of the Rubicon Trail Colin and I did this past weekend. Enjoy. 

Lookout on Rubicon Trail

This photo was taken by my homie Colin on Rubicon Trail. Views like these energize me. It fuels my desire to adventure more. I'm reminded how beautiful and grand mother nature is, and that there is so much more to discover.

We did a 13.2 mile hike that day. Colin, Bentley and I woke up early (4 A.M) hoping to score a permit to hike Mt. Tallac. An intensive 20 mile hike round trip. Unfortunately we weren't that lucky. So we did Rubicon Trail instead. I'm currently editingfootage from our hike. Planning to share something here before I leave for Hawaii in two days.