Eyes In The Sky

Here are some photos I took while Unboxing the Phantom 3. All you haters out there, I'm about to have a bird eye view of you. (joke) I'm sure you've seen plenty floating around the web, but these are specially taken by me for you. So enjoy them.

I posted a short video taken from the Phantom a few days ago. Its two post down check it out. I'm so stoked to own this drone, and can't wait to fly it more.  I'd have to boldly say though, but the 4k footage taken from the Phantom 3 Professional is superior over the Hero 4k. Yes, I own both. There is a crispy difference right off the card pre-editing. No, I haven't done any scientific testing yet, and this is purely a human eye test, but that's probably as scientific as most consumers would go. So step it up GoPro. If I'm wrong can someone prove me wrong?