Chica Locca

woke up super early this morning to join the dudes on the Chica Loca boat to check out Marieta Island. Unfortunately it was too windy near the island so I couldn't get dope shots there. The one time i tried the drone flew straight into me and cut me. Haha. Thats what I get for being stupid. When the wind calmed down though I got some really awesome shots. Here is a short edit. I'll do a longer edit when I'm back in Cali. 


Eyes In The Sky

Here are some photos I took while Unboxing the Phantom 3. All you haters out there, I'm about to have a bird eye view of you. (joke) I'm sure you've seen plenty floating around the web, but these are specially taken by me for you. So enjoy them.

I posted a short video taken from the Phantom a few days ago. Its two post down check it out. I'm so stoked to own this drone, and can't wait to fly it more.  I'd have to boldly say though, but the 4k footage taken from the Phantom 3 Professional is superior over the Hero 4k. Yes, I own both. There is a crispy difference right off the card pre-editing. No, I haven't done any scientific testing yet, and this is purely a human eye test, but that's probably as scientific as most consumers would go. So step it up GoPro. If I'm wrong can someone prove me wrong?

Droning Around

So I learned to fly today.

What I mean, is I bought a DJI Phantom 3 Professional. Thought I'd get into drone filming, it'll definitely add dynamic shots to my videos. Not that I'm a professional or anything, but new angles to add to my boring ass GoPro shots, is a plus.  I'm still super nervous at flying this thing, and currently only comfortable with taking selfies, because it only requires me to go straight up,  then back down. I'm too much of a wimp to push it hard. Don't be fooled by the shitty sweeping shots in the edit above. I freaked out trying to pilot the phantom even to do that. Give me a few weeks though, I'm determined to master this thing. 

Enjoy the short edit for Instagram.